Eszterházy Károly Catholic University

Eszterházy Károly Catholic University is a state-recognised institution of higher education, which is mainly significant in the North-Eastern region of Hungary, but is also known and recognised at national level. The University operates on 2 campuses, in Eger and Jászberény. Approximately 6,500 students are enrolled in the education provided by approximately 350 teaching and research staff. The main activities of the institution are education, scientific research and artistic creation according to the National Higher Education Act 2 (1). The Institute offers bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, postgraduate and diploma courses in specific fields and at specific levels. It also provides higher education vocational training and doctoral training and awards doctoral degrees. It also provides adult education. It also carries out basic research, applied and experimental research, scientific organisation, technological innovation and other research in support of education.

University of Padova

The university is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious HEI that aims to provide high quality education, to foster research, to nurture international relations and to promote strong links with the local territory. This project will be carried out at the DAFNAE Dept. which carries out research and teaching activities in the fields of crop and animal production, defense of agricultural crops, agricultural biotechnology and genetic improvement of plants and animals, food technologies, biodiversity, conservation and protection of the environment and sustainable management of the rural territory. DAFNAE mission is to promote the competitiveness of the agri-food sector and the sustainable use of natural resources, through the production and dissemination of knowledge on the management and improvement of plants, animals, soil and microorganisms for obtaining quality food, ensuring the preservation of ecological systems and the enhancement of the cultivated environment and biodiversity.

CET Electronics

Development and production of electronic systems and software in the industrial automation sector and in the agricultural sector, with special focus on innovative sensors, computer vision systems, disease forecasting models and robotics applied to precision farming.

EGER Borműhely Egyesület

The implementation of a unified communication and professional marketing activity for the Egri wine region and the further development of a culture of quality wine and grape production, based on scientific principles, overriding quantitative aspects.
The association organises events to promote the quality grape and wine production of the Eger region as widely as possible. It promotes the culture of quality wine and grape production among winegrowers and wine and grape producers through the production of professional materials, studies, the organisation of professional events and conferences. It maintains contacts with other organisations pursuing similar objectives.